What are you ready to heal?

Your body is intelligent, creative, and communicating with you constantly. What answer might you receive if you asked yourself that simple question? 

I have been trained in three different traditions that inform who I am as a healer. I'd like to tell you about my work so you can decide if my approach is right for you:

I use Therapeutic Massage as one aspect of my healing practice. I have been licensed as a massage therapist (LMBT #4492) in North Carolina since 2004 and I taught hands-on anatomy to massage students for several years, so I know my way around the muscular and skeletal systems. I usually begin by assessing the physical nature of your problem: postural patterns, how you use your body, where you tend to hold your stress - and am often led to consider how patterns of thought might manifest physically. While I'm locating and treating the specific muscles that are in spasm and asking for attention, we are likely to enter into a dialogue, because I have found that the physical body tends to hold memories, and when we really listen to it, the deepest and most long-lasting healing can begin.

I am a NIASZIIH Practitioner and 5th year student (of a 7 year program) with the wildernessFusion school. NIASZIIH (pronounced Ny-a-zee-EYE) is a nature-based tradition that promotes healing through deep contact and awareness of the wounds we carry.  These wounds, although generally outside of our awareness, tend to run our lives like "the man behind the curtain" from the movie The Wizard of Oz.  Once we are able to change our perception, the body can often stop attempting to communicate via pain and dysfunction.

I became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) in 2005. Healing Touch attends to your bioenergetic field, the part of yourself that extends beyond the limits of your physical body. A contracted or blocked energetic field can limit the body's ability to create optimal physical health. Balancing this field often brings a sense of deep peacefulness which lays the groundwork for healing the body. 

It is a rare session that does not tap into all of these modalities to some degree.  I am by nature a curious person and I love the challenge of getting to the root of what's troubling you, wherever it leads us.  If you'd like to make an appointment with me, scroll down and click on the green "Schedule Appointment" button.

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I am also one of the healers in a monthly donation-based Niasziih clinic in Winston-Salem.  In the clinic, clients can experience a healing with two or more Niasziih students or practitioners working synergistically.  If you'd like to participate in our student clinic, here is more information about how to book an appointment there:   https://www.niasziihhealingclinic.org/

It's worth mentioning that the kind of therapeutic work I do is not the same as a "deep tissue massage".  While I understand that some people enjoy massage with really deep pressure, that's not my thing (but I can refer you to several good deep tissue therapists who love to do that sort of work!)  

Thanks for visiting, and have a great day!