Exciting news: The new outdoor Healing Hut is now under construction!

(It is replacing the Vibrant Being massage practice, which has closed.)

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Meanwhile: ONLINE SESSIONS via Zoom are available for NIASZIIH HEALING and HEALING TOUCH

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What are you ready to heal?

Your body is intelligent, creative, and communicating with you constantly. What answer might you receive if you asked yourself that simple question? 

I am a NIASZIIH Practitioner who has completed 5 years of training with the wildernessFusion school. NIASZIIH (pronounced Ny-a-zee-EYE) is a nature-based tradition that promotes healing through deep contact and awareness of the wounds we carry.  Although generally outside of our awareness, these old wounds tend to run our lives in surprising ways. By recognizing them and changing our perception, the body can often stop attempting to communicate via pain, illness, and dysfunction.

Additionally, I became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) in 2005. Healing Touch attends to your bioenergetic field, the part of yourself that extends beyond the limits of your physical body. A contracted or blocked energetic field can limit the body's ability to create optimal physical health. Balancing this field often brings a sense of deep peacefulness which lays the groundwork for healing the body. 

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