Cappy Kirsch


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If you’re looking for a professional massage therapist, you’ve come to the right place!  My name is Cappy Kirsch, and I specialize in relief of muscular pain and dysfunction. 

I am an Anatomy Instructor & Licensed Massage Therapist (NC LMBT #4492) with      12 years experience. 

If your pain is caused by muscular problems (tightness, spasm, "knots", etc.), I will find and treat the specific muscles that are responsible.  But in order for the treatment to hold,  I like to take things a step deeper.  Since I was a small child, my favorite word has always been "why?", so you can expect me to work with you to look for the source of the problem: postural patterns, how you use your body, where you tend to hold your stress, and even how patterns of thought might manifest physically. 

In 2005 I became certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP #2402) and can tend to your bio-energetic field in addition to working with your muscles.  Energy work is very gentle and can be profoundly relaxing, and I often combine this modality with Swedish massage for stress relief that leaves you more relaxed than you ever thought possible.

At Vibrant Being, you will experience gentle, specific, effective treatment sessions. 

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